Believe to Achieve

John Hodgson, "Mr Condition" to his fellow Competitors is renowned for bringing a granite like physique to the competitive stage.

With three EFBB British titles and an IFBB Pro card to his name, John has demonstrated that he knows better than most how to step on stage, ripped, rock hard and muscular.

John has competed as an underdog on the Pro circuit, however, this has never prevented him from giving 110% effort to his preparation. His meticulous approach has had bodybuilding observers label him the "Machine".

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Education is the key - John Hodgsons training DVD

A journey into the world of bodybuilding with IFBB Pro - John Hodgson

John Hodgsons training DVD - Believe to Achieve

A Day with John Hodgson

  • Whats Included?
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Training Advice
  • Supplementation Advice
  • Personal Training Session
  • Copy of DVD and Signed Photos
  • * Price is for consultancy in Manchester area, and you will have to arrange your own travel. All sessions are subject to availability and once purchased I will contact you to arrange a date.(Visits are also available by prior arrangement (at an increased cost) by E-Mail)
  • email.

Price: 250.00

John Hodgsons training DVD - Believe to Achieve

Johns DVD

  • Running times:
  • Disc #1 84 minutes
  • Disc #2 86 minutes

Price: 10.00