Career History

Please see below my full competitve record to date from when I first started competing back in 1993.

Lathams 1st timers U80kg qualifierWon
EFBB British intermediate U80kg qualifierWon
Lathams UK 1st timers ChampionshipsWon U80kg and Overall Champion
EFBB British Intermediates ChampionshipsWon U80kg and Overall Champion Also won 'Weider New Star of the Year' award.
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EFBB British Championships4th place U80k (middleweights)
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EFBB British qualifierWon U80kg (middleweights)
EFBB British ChampionshipsWon U80kg Middleweight Title
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EFBB British ChampionshipsEntered U90kg didn't place in top 6
(Six weeks before the British Championships, whilst in a nightclub a large-scale brawl erupted. I was repeatedly hit over the head and stabbed with bottles. I also broke my hand. I was taken to hospital where I received treatment for severe head injuries and put onto adrip. Looking back I should not have entered the show after sustaining such injuries.)
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EFBB British ChampionshipsU90kg 6th place
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EFBB British ChampionshipsWon U80kg Middleweight Title also became IFBB Professional
Two weeks later entered the IFBB British Grand Prix competing alongside Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levrone and placed 11th.
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IFBB Toronto Pro Invitation13th place
IFBB Night of the ChampionsJust missed out on top 16
IFBB British Grand Prix16th place
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IFBB Ironman14th place
IFBB San Francisco13th place
IFBB British Grand Prix12th place
IFBB Dutch Grand Prix14th place
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IFBB New York15th place
IFBB Spanish Pro Show16th place
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IFBB Australia7th place
IFBB New York12th place
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IFBB Tampa Bay Pro Show2nd place
IFBB Dallas Pro Show5th place
Mr Olympia 202 Class10th place
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IFBB British Grand Prix 202 Class2nd place
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