High Intensity Training

Training is the stimulus/catalyst for growth and growth can only start to occur providing you train correctly and overload the muscles by progressively increasing the weights you lift over a period of time.

By training in such a manner the muscles are forced to adapt by becoming bigger and stronger, this is termed as Progressive overload.

There have been various methods used but the one I recommend and use personally is that incorporated and perfected by 6 x Mr Olympia Dorian Yates, known as HIT - High Intensity Training.

The principles of HIT is to put maximum effort and intensity into one all out set, where by you perform one set to failure (reps 6-10) and with the aid of a training partner perform 1 or 2 forced reps to finish off the set. This set is the message that tells the muscle to grow.

A simple way of looking at it is this - The HIT principle of one all out set is like switching the light on. When you want to switch on a light, how many times do you have to flick the light switch to turn the light on?


The one all out set is the equivalent of turning the light switch on. Please note before performing your maximum all out set you must perform warm up sets to fully prepare the muscles for the one all out maximum set.