Training Advice

In this section of the site you will find a number of workouts, hints and tips and theory used by John for specific body areas. Before continuing, please read the Important Information below.

Beginners Advice

A complete beginner should not jump in at the deep end and copy the workouts of an advanced bodybuilder.

A good programme for a beginner would be to perform an ALL OVER BODY WORKOUT using basic exercises for each body part.

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H.I.T Training

Growth can only start to occur providing you overload the muscles by progressively increasing the weights you lift.

There are various methods but the one I recommend and use personally was perfected by Dorian Yates - High Intensity Training.

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Fitness Training

There are two components that you are mainly interested in on your body - body fat and muscle.

In this section I discuss ways of how to lose body fat whilst maintaining muscle and overall fitness.

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